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A product owner's job is to help businesses maximise the potential of their products, often working within a scrum framework. Working at a high level, they effectively manage the enhancement of new and existing products aligned with an organisation's business objectives. 

Your business may be looking to develop existing products or need to explore new innovative ideas to take your products to the next level. Their role is to oversee the development of your products and streamline your internal development processes.

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What is a Product Owner?

Product owners will work closely with scrum masters within a scrum team to develop visionary products. They are ultimately responsible for the outcome of various product-related projects. In addition, they will help optimise a product's backlog items, liaising with your stakeholders to ensure the products created to provide the best user experience and nurture the progress of your business. 

A product owner's responsibilities include:

  • Develop innovative products aligned with a business’s goals and objectives
  • Create and manage backlog items of products 
  • Communicate with scrum team members, stakeholders and end-users
  • Plan and oversee the stages of a project's development

Hiring a product owner is a step in the right direction for organisations looking to enhance their product offering.

When do I need to hire a Product Owner?

Suppose your business is having difficulties maximising the value of your products, or perhaps you don't have the internal resources to allow your products to reach their true potential. In that case, hiring a product owner would be a good decision.

Perhaps you have an upcoming project where the communication between your stakeholders needs to be more seamless. A product owner can support you here, bridging the gap between the technicalities of your development process and your internal employees. Your business may be in need of new product ideas but is struggling to find a solution that could really make a difference. By boosting the product creation process and coming up with new ideas to develop your brand, a product owner can be the individual to bring innovation into your business.

Bringing on a product owner is the ideal way for you to help your business reach new heights and unlock its potential. 

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What skills does a Product Owner need?

A product owner's roles and responsibilities include liaising with scrum teams and stakeholders; they should have good communication skills. Alongside this, they must have the collaboration skills necessary to work on projects with different internal team members.


Project management plays a big part in a product owner's role. From planning, analysing and executing various projects, they are essentially involved in each stage of the development of a product from start to finish. Therefore they must provide the credentials of a great project manager.

Finally, they should possess the analytical and technical skills to create concepts for new products and ideas to evolve existing products. With this, they should be excellent decision-makers to ensure their innovations come to fruition.

Project Solutions Qualifications

As standard, all of our Project Solutions graduates receive the following qualifications. 

Each graduate completes the BCS Business Analysis Foundation certification, demonstrating their proficiency in analysing and improving business processes.

Graduates receive the APMG Change Management Foundation certification, equipping them with the skills to drive successful organisational change initiatives.

Graduates undertake the Prince2 Foundation certification, solidifying their understanding of project management principles and best practices.

Graduates are taught the Lean Six Sigma methodology, earning Yellow and White Belt certifications to streamline processes, eliminate waste, and enhance efficiency.

Graduates will attain the AIPGE Accredited Process Mapping certification, empowering them to map, analyse, and optimise business processes effectively.

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