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Integrating a New Sales Manager into your Business with Training

Hiring an external candidate as your new sales manager – the leader of the sales force in your business – will always come with challenges. Integrating into the company’s culture, gelling with people and generally getting up to speed on the way things work will be just a few of the hurdles you and your new employee will need to clear together.

You’ll need to ensure the smooth integration of your new hire into the wider team and help them understand the culture of your workplace that keeps the business ticking over, as well as making sure the arrival of someone new, particularly in a managerial role, doesn’t upset the apple cart. On top of this, your new sales manager will need to be provided with and absorb all the information there is about the products or services your business delivers, as well as how sales works for you. This will ensure they can start motivating the team, making key decisions and ensure a strategy is in place to start bringing in results as soon as possible.

A great way to help new hires get up to speed is by investing in their development through effective training sessions and courses. Sales management training can offer a fast-track solution to help your new staff become the star employees you’ve been waiting for, kick starting their time with the company and reducing the impact of change for your business.


Why consider sales management training?

Sales management training delivers a wealth of benefits, for both your employees and your business. For example, it:

  • Enables best business practice
  • Improves team cohesion
  • Develops overall skills sets
  • Demonstrates what is expected from employees


The main benefit, however, is that your team will be well prepared for success thanks to the sales knowledge, skills and techniques training arms them with.

Not only does it demonstrate to new hires that you’re a business that cares and invests in its staff, it also reminds loyal employees how much you value them. Effective training can help current employees close any skills gaps and develop new ones, enabling them to progress their careers with your company, rather than heading to pastures new.


Who should attend sales management courses?

The first people you should consider sending out for sales management training are your new sales managers, as it’s a great way to help them get up to speed in their role. They will no doubt already have a good level of experience and plenty of transferrable skills, but training can help them understand and meet any specific expectations from your business.

It’s especially important to develop sales management skills for people who have come to your industry from something a little different, as walking into uncharted territory can require some adjustments. Or for those who are coming from a sales background, Pareto’s Sales Management Training is a great place to start, taking those at the top of their sales game and giving them all the tools they need to become an impactful mentor and leader of a thriving sales team.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer training to existing sales managers or team members too. Constant development is vital, and it’s a great way to help further develop their careers.


What are the best sales management courses?

Once you’ve made the decision to offer sales management training to your new hire, you need to find the right course.

A good thing to consider when narrowing down the options are any skill gaps that may need to be narrowed, whether that be for your organisation or the employee. This could include learning how to make a successful cold call or to understand the nine steps of the buying process. Once you know what your business and new sales manager needs, you’ll be able to find the perfect course easily with Pareto Law.


Bespoke or general sales training?

Your organisation may benefit from one of the many bespoke sales management training courses on offer from Pareto. We offer an audit service, which allows us to assess your business’ needs fully, with expert sales consultants offering advice on how to help your business achieve results and growth, including through training specific to what you need.

Alternatively, you may want to consider a course which concentrates on more general areas, such as sales excellence or sales prospecting.

Make sure you get your new sales manager involved in the decision making process too. Ask them which skills they feel could be strengthened or refined with the help of training. This can help you decide whether bespoke sales management courses or general sessions will be more worthwhile.

Training is a fantastic way to help integrate a new sales manager into their role and the business. So whether it’s a new start, a promotion or migration from another firm to yours, your business can thrive with the help of sales management training courses.


Here at Pareto law we have a diverse range of sales training courses that will add tangible value to your business. Our renowned training process promises you a strong ROI, and with a wide range of courses to choose from that focus on different areas of expert skill, you can find the course that is right for your business.


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