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Management Course

An impactful experience for any individual in a management role looking to develop core managerial soft skills that will help drive performance and, ultimately, team success.

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Our management course focuses on developing the core skills that will support in driving your teams’ Accountability, Competence, and Engagement.

The soft skills and behaviours required to be a successful manager are not easy and often difficult to apply in practice, which is why our course directly addresses this gap and offers practical solutions.

David Warley - Training

David Warley Senior Sales Training Consultant

Perfect For:

The management course is tailored to individuals at different stages of their managerial journey, from team leaders to CEOs in various industries and specialisms.

This course is especially beneficial for individuals in specific scenarios, including:

  • New managers -  Individuals who have been promoted from roles due to excellent sales performance but lack formal training in management and coaching for performance.

  • Experienced Managers - Managers who are looking for an update in skills to stay competitive in today's evolving business environment.

  • Future Managers - Those identified as having the potential to be future managers, offering a structured path to leadership development and readiness to step into a leadership role. 

  • Temporary Managers - Professionals involved in strategic planning may need to temporarily step into managerial roles, focusing on training and safeguarding the company's interests during transitions.

Whatever stage of their managerial career, this course equips participants with foundational skills crucial for effective leadership and succession planning.

As both existing and potential managers engage in the programme, businesses can anticipate heightened leadership capabilities, improved team dynamics, and a more impactful return on their investment in team training initiatives.

Course Overview

According to research from CEB Global, 60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months of their new role. This is typical because these individuals are promoted to management positions due to their outstanding performance as salespeople rather than based on the management skills required. The skills needed to be a successful manager are very different from those of an individual contributor, so this course focuses on developing these essential managerial skills rather than solely relying on sales techniques.

The course centres around key areas vital for managerial success. Managers will delve into vital areas, including:

  • Coaching Skills - Managers learn how to guide their teams effectively, moving beyond simple instruction to empowering team members to find solutions independently and creating a collaborative and self-sufficient work environment.

  • Providing Constructive and Developmental Feedback - Managers acquire the skills to offer insightful and growth-oriented feedback, fostering an environment where constructive input becomes a catalyst for individual development, team improvement, and overall workplace excellence.

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations - We explore challenging dialogues and allow leaders to gain proficiency in addressing sensitive topics with empathy and tact. Develop a rhythm in your coaching and communication, mastering the art of difficult conversations and creating a positive, feedback-rich environment.

  • Delegating Effectively - Learn the vital role of coaching in developing team skills and discover strategies for thoughtful task delegation, ensuring team growth and enabling managers to concentrate on essential responsibilities.

  • Emotional Intelligence - Overcome the common pitfall of 'telling' rather than 'coaching'. Learn how to use emotional intelligence to guide your team towards finding solutions themselves.

  • Motivating Teams - Understand when to coach, mentor, or be direct. Our course equips you with the tools to choose the right intervention for each situation, ensuring effective team development.

These topics empower managers to guide their teams toward continuous development and growth, fostering a vibrant and evolving team culture. By the course's conclusion, managers will possess the skills and confidence required to consistently apply methodologies, build competent, accountable, and valued teams, and ensure a sustained and impactful return on investment for the organisation's future training initiatives.

Key Outcomes

Participants in our management course will gain valuable skills such as:

  • Create Self-Awareness and Identify Leadership Needs - Develop a comprehensive understanding of the qualities required to be an effective sales leader and manager.

  • Build Your Manager Cadence Plan - Tailor a manager cadence plan to address your team's diverse needs and ensure effective communication and support.

  • Demonstrate GROW Coaching and Feedback - Apply GROW coaching techniques in real-time scenarios, fostering a growth mindset and supporting team development.

  • Ensure Sustained and Impactful ROI - Guarantee a lasting and significant return on investment for your business's training initiatives.

Pre Course

Before commencing the course, delegates should take the following steps to ensure thorough preparation and maximise the benefits of management training:

  • Complete the motivation and sales management questionnaires 

  • As this course is interactive, delegates are required to bring their own mobile device to this session.

Modules Covered

The management course structure includes:

  • Behaviours and Characteristics Linked to Sales, Management, and Leadership

  • Discussion on Performance Management and the Performance Cycle 

  • Accountability: Creating a Team of Thinkers and Doers

  • Engagement: Direction and Communication 

  • Creating a Cadence Plan to Implement Learnings 

Our course includes role plays based on real-life scenarios, ensuring you can apply what you learn directly to your day-to-day management challenges.

David Warley

Senior Sales Training Consultant

  • Date Joined 4/1/2017
  • Team Training

Meet David, our seasoned management course instructor with over 35 years of extensive experience in sales; David brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the training. His expertise spans across diverse business sectors, from manufacturing to retail, and even extends to coaching at national levels in badminton and martial arts.

David's mindset and psychometric testing expertise underscores the importance of understanding team dynamics. He believes that emotional intelligence is a key driver for effective team management. 

"To truly succeed as a manager, self-awareness is the first step. Success hinges not just on understanding yourself but delving deep into the dynamics of your team, driven by a profound grasp of emotional intelligence." 

With David at the helm of our management course, participants can expect to benefit from his rich insights and practical strategies that transcend traditional training approaches.

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