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When Are The Best Times For Training Courses?

In an industry as fast paced and adaptable as sales, it’s vital that your staff are not only equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed, but also that you ensure these are regularly updated to give them that edge in a hugely competitive market.


High-performing sales organisations are 2 x as likely to provide ongoing training as low-performing ones, so your workforce needs to be up to date with changing industry trends, continue improving their own skills and advance their learning constantly to keep competitive. Sales training courses are therefore a crucial tool for keeping your staff up to speed and adding value to your business. Not only this, but to retain the top talent your staff need to feel genuinely valued if you want them to keep giving you their very best. One way to ensure you are an attractive company to work for is to invest in your staffs’ self-development and put their professional growth as a business priority.


When it comes to arranging sales training, it’s important to ensure your plans are as impactful as possible. It’s not just the type of sales course that matters - timing is also key. Pinpointing when members of your team will be most motivated to learn is vital to ensure sales training programs are fully effective. The best times for scheduling sales management courses tend to be when employees recognise there is a need for learning – whether it’s preparing for a new challenge or looking for opportunities to progress in their career[1]. This is often the best time for your business to capitalise on their drive to develop and willingness to learn and deliver focused training experiences that give them what they need.


Discover some of the best times during the year to arrange sales training courses for your team with Pareto Law and give your staff the skills they need to become champions of the sales industry.

Training courses in the new year

Returning to work after the festive period you want to keep your staff engaged, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Show them how they can improve their own career prospects in the new year by upskilling themselves with training.

Often individuals set themselves fresh personal targets in January with a view to accomplishing these over the next 12 months. Training at work and external sales courses can help them make a strong start towards these goals. It also can be beneficial for you to review and reset targets as a company, giving your employees an extra incentive to upskill to meet their professional goals.


Training courses in summer

Summer is the peak time for hiring new graduates for many businesses, which makes it a great time to start a new round of sales training. Not only does this allow you to give new starters all the skills they require, it also lets you give staff already in your company a refresher, or teach them something new.

By organising an array of sales training programs in the summer months, you’ll find yourself with a keen workforce that are raring to go by September, new starters and existing staff alike.


Training courses around appraisals

Sales training can be a great motivating factor before or after your appraisals period. By sitting down with your employees and reviewing their performance and aims for the future, it can highlight key areas for development, which training courses can assist with.

It will also position progression at the forefront of their minds, meaning they’ll be much more engaged in the training offered. Plus, this demonstrates how your business values employees and is taking action on development promises.   


Ongoing training

While there are certain times of the year that might suit your team best for training purposes, it’s important not to restrict learning to these times alone. Training throughout the year allows your team to gain those valuable skills on an ongoing basis, while also affording them time between sessions to put what they’ve learned into action in a practical real-world setting.


At Pareto Law, we see the value in making sure you give learning time to breathe in this way, which is why our graduate process and sales training programmes allow time for learning to be implemented - maximising impact.


Sales training is a must to ensure you have a team of people who are skilled enough to handle the fast-paced nature of the sales industry. By refreshing your employees’ knowledge and skills with effective sales training courses from Pareto Law, you’ll be able to develop your workforce into a much more efficient and productive team – helping your business achieve its goals in the long term.


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