Social Selling

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Salespeople who have taken their tactics online. Whether it's from your office or your home, the social selling online course will walk you through everything you need to know about finding and engaging with new prospects over social media.

Course Overview

An enlightening short virtual course which begins with how social selling is the key to generate, qualify and maximise sales opportunities through social media. This interactive course dispels the myth that "social selling doesn't work" and looks at practically engaging prospects who may be working from home through social media engagement.

The social selling online training prepares delegates with practical tools and techniques to get to the next stage of the sales cycle, mainly when working within a remote environment. It is a 'must have' for anyone who is generating new business.

Key Outcomes from Social Selling

By the end of this training course, your delegates will:

  • Build a professional profile on LinkedIn
  • Use social media to generate leads and fill your pipeline
  • Achieve social selling techniques and apply gaining commitment techniques

Training Approach

During an interactive virtual session, you will learn how to build your personal brand, understand your audience, and deliver a relevant and scalable message.

Ratings: Overall course rating based on Reviews
  • Excellent course, provided with realistic situations - I really appreciated that the floor was open to ask questions. 

    Anna, Manchester
  • Very good course due to trainer, he made it interesting and fun - which made it easier to follow. 

    Courtenay, Manchester
  • The account management course was extremely useful. I am looking forward to use the skills I have learnt.

    Becki, London
  • Very good experience overall, good content and clear and concise way it was portrayed and taught. 

    Alice, London
  • Fantastic, really enjoyed the session!

  • Enjoyed it

  • Love Haley! You're awesome!!

    Jackie ,
  • Really great Haley! Everyone was also great to work with in breakout sections.

  • Loved it, cheers Hayley

  • Thank you for an innovative and engaging remote training session.

  • Enjoyed the session, good group size, very interactive.

  • Really great training session, there was a really balanced amount of teaching and engagement with both Mandy and the others in the group which was really engaging and the time flew by incredibly quickly!

  • I had a great time and Haley did a great job adjusting to the situation and keeping us engaged.

  • Sara,
  • Awesome, especially considering the fact that this was virtual.


Modules Covered

The key areas covered in the course are:

  • Develop your personal and professional brand
  • Connect with your audience
  • Deliver a compelling message that drives engagement

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