Sales Excellence

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The Sales Excellence workshop is suited to delegates with a minimum of six months experience in their role. The workshop is designed to offer a more advanced approach to selling skills, perfect for those wanting to lift their sales performance to the next level.

Course Overview

Take your skills to the next level - opt for our sales training course. Designed to offer an advanced, multilayered approach to selling for those with six months’ experience of the industry or more, our sales training expertise can help you hone the basics, hit targets and pave your way to sales success.

Key Outcomes from Sales Excellence

By the end of this sales skills training course, your delegates will:

  • Deliver impactful client engagement to increase your client success rate

  • Explain the importance of providing insights to build credibility and client loyalty

  • Demonstrate powerful questioning techniques to uncover further client needs

  • Explain the P.R.O.V.O.K.E model to improve your selling skills and sales results

  • Lead the sales process through implementing a winning meeting structure

  • Demonstrate how to coach your client from a fixed position to being open to change

  • Build the value of your proposition through ‘story telling’ and proof statements

  • Explain the Commitment Matrix to drive sales pipeline and commitment

Training Approach

This innovative course gives delegates the opportunity to boost their professional selling skills through challenging, interactive and practical exercises. Delegates are given a selling skills toolkit which provides insightful methods on how to engage clients throughout the sales process. Part of this selling skills training will coach delegates in how to use their commercial and industry knowledge to full effect to drive growth and success at both individual and team level.

In addition to face-to-face training, this course will be supported through Pareto’s innovative digital learning platform, allowing you to continue learning and referencing the course material once your training has been completed. This blended learning approach has been proven to help delegates engage, retain and practice key information.

Ratings: Overall course rating based on Reviews
  • Always have a great time at Pareto training and feel pumped to get back in the office and put the learning into practice. 

    Emma, London
  • An excellent 2 day event that highlights the essential basics that are required to win the deal - Just leaves you re-energised and hungry to get back in front of prospects. 

    Anonymous, Manchester
  • Perfect atmosphere for learning - Pareto met all my expectations. 

    Tim, London
  • The trainer provided a great insight into this sales topic. It was a very thorough course. 

    Adam, London
  • Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff that seriously understand the areas of sales and its industry.

    Stuart, Wilmslow
  • The trainers were brilliant, real motivators. It’s great knowing you are being taught by the best! 

    Daniel, Wilmslow
  • James,
  • Trainer was excellent, good pace and would recommend for future groups.

    Mark , Wilmslow
  • Good experience.

  • I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful. I feel that now I can go out and sell confidently.

    Dominic, London
  • Very positive experience, very laid back and relaxed but with an educational feel.

    Reece, London
  • Robyn,
  • Emily,
  • Great session!


Modules Covered

The key areas covered in the course are:

  • Planning Your Approach: Setting objectives and a selling style

  • Building a Relationship: A foundation for long-term selling success

  • Expectations and Objectives: Where you want to go, and how to get there

  • Needs and Problems: Probing to identify and qualify opportunity

  • Options: Providing the best possible solution

  • Objections: Handing knockbacks in the selling process

  • Obtaining Commitment: Agreeing a solution and closing

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