Driving A High Performance Culture

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Transform your current team into a highly engaged and performing culture.

Robin Underwood

Robin Underwood Course Leader

Perfect For:

Any business leader responsible for creating a high performing sales culture.

Course Overview

Every organisation wants an efficient, productive and highly engaged sales team that meets all of their targets and goals, but what does a high performing sales culture look like and how can it be achieved?

Creating the right sales culture can be a huge task, but the good news is that everyone has one, it is down to the business leaders to turn their sales environment into a high-performing one.

Key Outcomes

To implement a series of winning strategies and habits that will transform your current sales environment into a highly engaged and performing sales culture 

Pre Course

This programme is designed to provide practical tools, strategies and habits to turn your sales culture into a highly motivated, engaged and performing environment.

Pareto can support you in creating your own unique package, tailored to your needs and complementing the structures and solutions that you have already put in place. tition

Modules Covered

A typical programme will be built bespoke for your requirements but typically will have the following components to cover all aspects of creating a winning culture:

  • Attracting the right talent
  • Creating inspiring and shared goals
  • Promoting inspiring reward and recognition incentives 
  • Creating a collaborative culture
  • RAMP talent to competence and success
  • Inspiring teams through Transformational Leadership
  • Managing sales activity through effective sales cadence planning 
  • Promoting an MI Mindset that drives action
  • Embedding a coaching culture
  • Creating a continuous improvement pathway that exceeds your competition

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