Driving Customer Excellence

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Develop the skills needed to deliver high-impact service to Clients.  

Jess Perez - MS

Jess Parez Course Leader

Perfect For:

Any individual that is tasked with working with Customers.  These can be Customer Service teams, Client Success teams, professional staff (non-quota carrying) that are delivering projects/services to Clients (think Accountants/Lawyers), IT project delivery teams (IT post sale implementation) etc

Anyone in any department that is responsible for creating customer smiles

Course Overview

Each interaction is an opportunity to increase or decrease engagement with a ‘Client’*; this course helps learners recognise how great Client experience anchored in impactful communication effects sales/profits.  

*Client can be external and also internal Customer.

Winning organisations know that how a Client ‘feels’ through the experience they receive impacts revenue and margins.  Clients vote for service by either continuing to spend at the same levels, spending more or spending less or indeed nothing.  Client experience matters; it will either help unlock the full potential of the Account or stop it in its tracks.

Key Outcomes

The aim of the course is to build communication skills/techniques through understanding personality and communication preferences of ourselves and others, thus delivering high-impact service to Clients.  

Modules Covered

Our bespoke offering enables us to build and contextualise a programme specifically for your organisation/context/teams. Core topics can include:

  • Traits and characteristics of Client excellence in Client services – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • How Client excellence positively impacts satisfaction levels, confidence, trust and ultimately sales/profits
  • The Client experience – hard facts
  • The Why for our Clients / The Why for our Business / The Why for Us
  • Mapping the Client journey – where are we now?  Where do we want to be? 
  • Aligning our service excellence to the Client to exceed expectations
  • Open up areas of improvement/opportunities – using insight and challenge to engage 
  • Inspiring communication – utilising powerful language and tonality to create real impact and a case for change
  • Identifying internal/external Client communication styles and adapting your communication approach 
  • Setting standards and expectations – internally or externally to our Client
  • Driving Client conversations – taking control of the conversation through effective questioning and structure
  • Qualification of Client needs
  • Build the value of our offering through ‘storytelling’ – adding the sparkle
  • Setting clear objectives to get on the Client agenda and open up insight from the outset and agreeing clear next steps
  • Beliefs and mind-set to adopt to lead the change
  • Limiting beliefs – what are they?  Perception Vs Reality
  • The role of mind-set and accountability in how we deliver successful outcomes
  • Managing conflict and de-escalation

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