Sales Academies

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Jamie Riley Apprenticeships

Jamie Riley Course Leader

Course Overview

No matter the experience, when bringing on board new talent, the main challenge is how quickly you can get your people to be at full quota and delivering on target. 

When working with Pareto on building bespoke sales academies, you will receive support in building a fit for purpose onboarding programme and academy to get your existing and new talent ramped to competency quickly and continue to develop in order to achieve and overachieve the outcomes you require.

Key Outcomes

To increase the speed to competency of your sales hires and deliver high performing sales teams.

Modules Covered

A typical academy will be built bespoke for your requirements and roles but will typically have modules and assets to cover all sales cycle stages.

  • Lead Generation & Prospecting 
  • Qualification & Discovery Calls 
  • Pitches and Demos
  • Objection Handling & Negotiation 
  • Closing
  • Customer Success 
  • Account Management