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Jess Perez - MS

Jess Parez Course Leader

Perfect For:

Any individual that is tasked with presenting to others. This can be Leaders and Managers, Customer Services teams, Client Success teams, professional staff that are delivering messages to Clients like Accountants and Lawyers.

Anyone in any department that is responsible for delivering engaging and inspiring presentations.

Course Overview

Every presentation or message that’s delivered has the opportunity to positively impact behaviours and change or negatively impact engagement. Some messages will miss their mark, while others will positively impact people and inspire them to do better for themselves, their Clients and their organisation. 

Pareto’s Powerful Presentations course helps individuals hone their key messages and deliver those messages in an authentic style that is unique to the presenter. Your future-forward presentations will achieve maximum outcomes as they will be convincing, informative and tailored to the audience, as well as confidently delivered.  

Whether your presentations are delivered informally or formally, face 2 face, virtually or on a call, via webinar, at events or through networking, this programme will work for you!  

Key Outcomes

Our bespoke offering enables us to build, contextualise a programme specifically for your organisation, context and teams. Some of the key topics will lead you to:

  • Implement proven structures and techniques to produce compelling messages 
  • Utilise all aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication to embed and maximise the core message 
  • Deliver a powerful message to ensure the audience is captured and retained, from start to finish
  • Confidently take questions and manage discussions to proactively remove blockers and increase engagement
  • The powerful mind-set of presentations; belief cycle and the circle of influence 
  • Overcome limiting and negative beliefs 
  • The 10 top tips for presenters
  • Non-verbal - signposting, stance, movement and eye contact 
  • Knowing your options - polls, quizzes, chat, breakout rooms
  • Audience communication preferences
  • Creating the ‘what’s in it for me’ (WIIFM) and making it personal
  • Power over the audience and a move to action 
  • Visual aids, what to use when
  • Interactivity and engagement
  • Persuade, inform, explain (PIE)
  • Powerful presentations framework – Presenter, Audience, Message
  • Characteristics of great presenters and their attributes including questioning
  • Content arrangement to maximise audience retention
  • Verbal - pace, pitch and volume
  • Rhetoric, pause and repetition for emphasis
  • Positive and powerful language including word pictures
  • SISI; create the value and persuasive language 
  • Storytelling and the psychology of what people remember

Pre Course

In addition to face-to-face training, this course will be supported through Pareto’s innovative digital learning platform, allowing you to continue learning and referencing the course material once your training has been completed.

This blended learning approach has been proven to help delegates engage, retain and practice key information.

Modules Covered

The key areas covered in the course are:

  • Importance of Beliefs: Emotive and powerful presenting
  • The Presenter State: Physiology and mastering your voice
  • Structuring Presentations: Capturing and maintaining attention
  • Refining and Fine-Tuning: Delivering truly compelling presentations
  • Presentation in Practice: Putting learning into action

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