Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

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How to effectively analyse the effectiveness of products, processes and services and implement new ideas.

Robin Underwood

Robin Underwood Course Leader

Perfect For:

Any individual that is tasked with solving business challenges.  This can be Leaders or Managers, Product Owners or teams across the strata of an organisation.  

Anyone in any department that is responsible for creating value and successful outcomes from problems or business challenges.

Course Overview

Creative thinking and problem-solving is essential for every business operating in today’s climate. Change is ongoing in the wider business environment and organisations that are unable to adapt to these changes face real dangers.  

Those responsible for setting the direction and strategy for an organisation need to be creative in identifying how an organisation should respond to change, so throughout organisations, individuals need to be identifying ways they can support the achievement of strategic and operational goals.

Therefore, to stay competitive, individuals should be analysing on a constant basis the effectiveness of products, processes and services, and implementing new ideas.

Key Outcomes

The aim of the course is to build the skills and techniques to unlock the creative thinking and problem-solving abilities of individuals or teams.  The outcome is that it enables learners to solve business challenges for maximum Return on Objective.

Modules Covered

Our bespoke offering enables us to build and contextualise a programme specifically for you, your organisation, the context or teams. Core topics can include:

  • Apply problem solving techniques to a nominated business challenge and develop a well-formed outcome and effective action plan
  • Demonstrate robust idea generation techniques to find potential solutions worth exploring in more detail
  • Define and demonstrate effective project management skills to plan, manage and execute effective projects
  • Identify internal and external stakeholders and create a strategy for communication and appropriate engagement
  • Define effective evaluation strategies and measurements of success

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