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The 'Powerful Pitches' online training course is the ideal way to learn many essential presentation tips and techniques. The presentation skills learnt on this course would be suited to those who deliver either face-to-face or virtual presentations as part of their sales role.‚Äč

Course Overview

Delivering a business-winning presentation isn't just about possessing the best product, but about creating a convincing, informative and confident pitch. Our experts will help you to put forward a strong business case and make an impact on your clients. The presentation techniques taught on the high impact presentation training course would be particularly useful for those demonstrating a lack of confidence, the inability to persuade effectively, those who are overly reliant upon PowerPoint or those lack the skills to deliver compelling presentations that ensure a tangible return.

Key Outcomes from Online Powerful Pitches

By the end of this virtual training course, your delegates will:

  • Implement proven structures and techniques to produce compelling presentations
  • Utilise all aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication to embed and maximise the core message
  • Deliver impacting and persuasive presentations that ensure the audience is captured and retained, from start to finish
  • Be confident handling questions and interruptions
  • Increase conversions and revenue through the successful delivery of consistently impactful presentations

Training Approach

This virtual programme will be delivered via interactive sessions and will enable you to deliver a powerful pitch to any audience.

It opens with individual presentations on behalf of all delegates, from which the trainer will gauge current competence and skill levels before providing feedback virtually. Workbook learning, trainer presentations and debates are then punctuated, alongside further presentations across the course of the two days. Each is then reviewed remotely and fed back to delegates to ensure maximum presentation skills training.

Ratings: Overall course rating based on Reviews
  • Excellent course, provided with realistic situations - I really appreciated that the floor was open to ask questions. 

    Anna, Manchester
  • Very good course due to trainer, he made it interesting and fun - which made it easier to follow. 

    Courtenay, Manchester
  • The account management course was extremely useful. I am looking forward to use the skills I have learnt. 

    Becki, London
  • Very good experience overall, good content and clear and concise way it was portrayed and taught. 

    Alice, London
  • Really enjoyed and found it really engaging.

  • Great, fantastic 1st Online Training, loved it!

  • James,

Modules Covered

  • Importance of Beliefs: Emotive and powerful presenting
  • The Presenter State: Physiology and mastering your voice
  • Structuring Presentations: Capturing and maintaining attention
  • Refining and Fine-Tuning: Delivering truly compelling presentations
  • Presentation in Practice: Putting learning into action

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