Online Professional Selling Skills Training

Pareto Leadership Training is Perfect for:

Salespeople looking to adapt their skillsets for the new virtual way of working.

Course Overview

The entire sales process has been disrupted as the valuable skills we coveted at the start of the year were replaced with virtual counterparts. Our Professional Selling Skills course helps your sales team pivot to the remote environment and adapt to the latest tech, to ensure they’re leading sales meetings and converting prospects in a virtual environment. We understand face-to-face sessions aren’t a possibility right now, so we’ve created an online approach to sales training. Taking place over Zoom, our course ensures your delegates keep the sales pipeline healthy and close more meetings.

Key Outcomes from Online Professional Selling Skills Training

By the end of this virtual training course, your delegates will:

  • Set compelling agendas and control conversations
  • Identify new ways to tailor their pitch and demonstrate value online
  • Close customers to the next stage of the virtual sales process

Training Approach

Pareto's Professional Selling Skills course opens with individual presentations on behalf of all delegates, from which the trainer will gauge current competence and skill levels before providing feedback virtually. Workbook learning, trainer presentations and debates are then punctuated, alongside further presentations across the course of the two days. Each is then reviewed remotely and fed back to delegates to ensure maximum presentation skills training.

Ratings: Overall course rating based on Reviews
  • Excellent course, provided with realistic situations - I really appreciated that the floor was open to ask questions. 

    Anna , Manchester
  • Very good course due to trainer, he made it interesting and fun - which made it easier to follow. 

    Courtenay, Manchester
  • The account management course was extremely useful. I am looking forward to use the skills I have learnt.

    Becki, London
  • Very good experience overall, good content and clear and concise way it was portrayed and taught. 

    Alice, London
  • Great session, Lynda was very supportive and took the time to understand each team member individually to give personalized advice based on our traits. The topics approached were very interesting and useful. I really enjoyed the fact that we got the chance to put our recently acquired knowledge in practice in fun and interactive exercises. I am overall much more prepared to sell after this training.

  • I've really enjoyed the course so far. Haley was lovely and made me feel welcome and supported. I would definitely recommend her courses to others.   It's been nice to see different sales techniques. I feel like that the topics being taught are valuable to my position and I can put them into practice.

  • Great course, I do appreciate the way and speed things were explained, gave me time to digest information.

  • Really good, really enjoyed the courses and both the Trainers, Josh Edwards also joined to help out in the assessment stage and he was really good and helpful with the feedback.

  • It was really great to have this training and it has given me the tools to improve in what I am doing - looking forward to more in the future.

  • Enjoyed the training session - would have preferred to be engaged in an office.

  • Michal,
  • Fantastic experience, great all-round training and support. Very thorough and also very fun!

  • I truly did enjoy this course and have left the course feeling confident, energized and armed with a lot of knowledge and resources that i will continue to use, thank you to Haley and pareto!

  • My trainer Haley was absolutely wonderful! She was very engaged with the group and helpful with any questions we had. I enjoyed this course and feel that it taught me a lot about how to be successful in sales.

  • Haley is an extremely valuable asset to your organization. She was enjoyable to talk with and learn from, very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful and supportive.

  • Haley was very accessible and well-informed.

  • Really enjoyed the sessions and have learned so much. 

  • I liked the session!

  • Thought Haley did a great job!

  • Overall, I thought training was great and Haley did a great job keeping it engaging, even over Zoom. I appreciated that we had this training after being a few weeks into our roles, because it felt more relevant and easy to apply what we learned to our current day to day work.

  • They training was done extremely well and gave a lot of useful tips.

  • I enjoyed the training the only thing that was tough is that it was right in a busy time for most of us. We are still getting used to the schedule of our day to day roles and have a lot of meetings to get full ramped up. I wish it had occurred a week or two later so that it would have not interfered with our hectic schedules. Haley was really great and super nice and engaging.

  • Haley Martin was just amazing. 10 for 10.

  • Very productive and well put together training.

  • Awesome.

  • Great course- josh was very enthusiastic and engaging which made the whole experience enjoyable, useful and interesting.

  • Great, thanks you've improved my confidence.

  • Very good and enjoyable.

  • Really fantastic experience, great to know the concepts behind sales and the best ways to go about selling. Couldn’t recommend Josh more, he was always there to help and made it an interactive experience.

  • Really engaging and insightful. Thank you Josh!

  • I really enjoyed the sessions, shown me in so much detail what selling is all about. Love how we got to do a practice instead of going right into the deep end and learning ourselves.

  • I thought Josh was great, he made it really interesting and it was interactive which made me feel like the information actually went in and I learnt what I needed to learn from it.

  • Thanks Josh! I had a fantastic time learning, it was made to be great fun!

  • Both Lynda and Andrew were very helpful and excellent. The feedback provided by Andrew during the role play was great. Overall, very insightful and informative.

  • Really great sessions considering it was the first time for Pareto doing training remotely. Lynda tailored the session to how we wanted by asking us on the first day. This made it engaging rather than just having to listen to slides being readout.   Massive thanks to Lynda and Andrew for their feedback on our cold calls!

  • Fantastic. Great to get couching built on a lot of experience.

  • Overall a really fantastic course. Josh was particularly good.

  • Haley was awesome, very knowledgeable and patient. She made sure to engage with everyone in the session and did a great job navigating zoom rooms and group work.

  • Wonderfully done. Super Cool - I shared the company with an old employer since I was impressed so much.

  • Really engaging and interesting. Josh was very understanding and took his time to make sure everyone understood. Overall I really enjoyed the course!

  • I really enjoyed the session and Josh was very positive and interactive!

  • Haley was so great at portraying the meaning of each lesson, super engaging, and kept the material fun and interactive!

  • Good collaborative set up.

  • Haley was an amazing trainer. She's respectful of others' opinions, made the sessions interactive, and was very mindful of the time. She sounded knowledgeable and super organized with her content. Overall, she has such a calm voice for a trainer and did not sound monotonous at all during our 3 days sessions. I would recommend her to anybody or everybody. 

  • Great work overall! Thought it could have been tailored to us a little better, but the fundamentals taught here were a great refresher for myself and fantastic for newer folks!

  • Haley was great, but just due to everything else going on she had to adjust to current environment. Feel like this training would have been more helpful to me a little earlier in my transition into the role.

  • Enjoyed it a lot.

  • Really enjoyed the course and looking forward to getting back to work and putting these skills into practice.

  • Shelley was fantastic. She was patient, calm and very professional. Always kept us engaged and gave us so much feedback!

  • Really enjoyed the energy of the group and virtually meeting everyone, and doing the activities together. Which was fun! The enthusiasm of the trainer and his humour made it very enjoyable and insightful.

  • Real good- very engaging and great use of zoom.

  • Really interesting, with concise relevant information. Josh was a great trainer, very engaging.

  • Brilliant trainer and engaging content.

  • Great course! Especially considering how it's been produced after only a few weeks of Lockdown.

  • Haley was very informative and nice. Great learning session.

    Jodi-Ann ,
  • I thought it was very informational and useful. Haley was excellent and I could not have asked for a better trainer.

  • I'm thankful for this opportunity! I will use these skills every day and maybe down the line I will show them to the new BDRs at Cobalt.

  • Haley was great! I gained a lot of value and am excited to use what I learned!

  • Really good. Good pointers to take and adapt into my roll.

  • Mandy was fantastic,  there would have been a huge value from out of hours sessions to get more information from a 1 to 1 or even just smaller groups.  Understand this is hard because of numbers,  but might be easier if the course is a full 5 days.  But very useful,  also I think there is room to look at how we may have been told to pitch in our current roles and how we can adapt that in the structure you are promoting at Pareto.

  • It was interesting and worthwhile.

  • Shereen was very approachable, helpful and knowledgable.

  • Shereen did really well covering all the fundamentals, she had everyone engaged and covered all questions in depth for everyones benefit.

  • Really engaging.


Modules Covered

The key areas covered in the online course are:

  • Preparing for virtual sales meetings
  • Effective questioning and demonstrating value
  • Driving commitment

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