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Online Basic Sales Training - Sales Fundamentals

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Our online Sales Fundamentals course is designed for those who are beginning their first role in sales but are unable to make into one of our assessment centres. Over five days, you will learn a range of the most successful selling techniques - from cold calling training to building customer relationships - to get your career in sales off to a flying start!


Course Overview - Why do you need basic online sales training?

Sales Fundamentals is a robust foundation programme designed for anyone starting their first role in sales. This online course will provide candidates with basic selling skills training, and delegates will learn the most successful and proven techniques. The virtual training will empower them with the key skills necessary for an accelerated career in sales. The course is practical, challenging and fun, providing a great platform to make connections and meet others who are new to sales, all from the comfort of a home or office environment.

On this online course, you will learn the sales basics that you will take with you for the rest of your career. Aimed at those starting in the industry, our basic sales training will not only prepare you for the most common and demanding elements of your new job, it will make you stand out against other candidates.

The course is delivered online over five days, so you can take part in a safe, socially distant manner. This is one of the best virtual sales training courses, which covers all critical segments of the sales process - from lead generation through to cold calling, we cover every element of basic sales training. You will be engaged, challenged and supported throughout the process and will come out with the sales basics to kick-start your career.


Key outcomes from our online basic sales training course

Our specialist trainers will coach you virtually through our basic selling skills training. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the attributes of a successful seller today
  • Demonstrate the nine steps of the buying process and identify how they can support a client’s progression through each stage
  • Identify how to use a consultative sales approach to drive performance effectively
  • Effectively and professionally get past gatekeepers
  • Demonstrate how to make a winning cold call
  • Handle objections confidently and professionally to improve levels of client commitment
  • Lead a productive meeting to achieve specific objectives

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Training Approach 

The course is delivered virtually over five days with our state-of-the-art process. The course covers all critical elements of the sales process from lead generation to cold calling.


Blended Learning

Despite being online, our training is done through a virtual face-to-face method supported through Pareto’s digital learning platform. This allows you to continue learning and referencing course material online once your training has been completed. This blended learning approach is proven to help delegate, engage, retain and practice key information.


Looking for something more niche?

If you have a more specific requirement in mind for your training, we also offer Bespoke Online Training packages for larger businesses.

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Ratings: Overall course rating based on Reviews
  • Excellent course, provided with realistic situations - I really appreciated that the floor was open to ask questions. (18-19 Feb 2019)

    Anna, Manchester
  • 4
  • Very good course due to trainer, he made it interesting and fun - which made it easier to follow. (18-19 Feb 2019)

    Courtenay, Manchester
  • 5
  • The account management course was extremely useful. I am looking forward to use the skills I have learnt. (18-19 Jan 2019)

    Becki, London
  • 5
  • Very good experience overall, good content and clear and concise way it was portrayed and taught. (18-19 Jan 2019)

    Alice, London
  • 4


Modules covered in our virtual basic sales courses

At Pareto, we will take you through every element of basic selling skills and cover the key areas every new starter should know:

  • Selling: What is selling?
  • Communication Skills: Getting the message across
  • Questioning and Listening: The power of asking the right things, at the right time
  • Qualification: From lead generation and beyond
  • Features and Advantages: Explaining what’s in it for the customer
  • Booking a Meeting: Getting a foot in the door
  • Objection Handling: Overcoming hurdles
  • Closing: The importance of the end
  • Personality Profiling: Knowing your customer


Why train online with a Specialist Sales Training Company?

When you begin your career in sales, you'll want the knowledge and support to give you the best possible start. What's more, as an industry-leading sales recruitment and training company, Pareto Law has the expertise to provide you with outstanding online programmes and courses.

We've trained thousands of exceptional salespeople for some of the biggest companies in the world. As the frontrunner in our field, we can provide you with first-class virtual sales training that will give you a head start in your career.

Our innovative two-day virtual training course will allow you to boost your professional selling skills and take your performance to the next level. The course includes modules such as relationship building, identifying business problems that your product or service might be able to help with, and upselling.

We've created a challenging and engaging programme, in which you'll benefit from practical exercises and interactive workshops designed to help put your newfound skills into practice. You'll leave our course with a comprehensive sales toolkit and industry insight that you'll take with you for the rest of your career. With our online training, you'll have the foundations to drive growth and success at both individual and team level.

Whether you're new to the world of sales, or a manager heading up a team of enthusiastic graduates, our online sales training course could make all the difference to your bottom line.


How our Online Sales Excellence course works

To ensure you're getting a fully rounded set of skills, we've developed a comprehensive course that covers each stage of the sales process. From planning to closing, we'll take you through every step and impart essential knowledge and help you feel confident that you've got what it takes to seal that all-important deal.


The key outcomes of using a Sales Training Company

If you've chosen a career in sales, you'll want to build on the best possible foundations. With Pareto Law's sales excellence training, you'll pick up skills and knowledge on and off the job, and the expertise and know-how you'll receive on a virtual sales training course will accelerate your career to new levels. With our comprehensive programme, you'll hit bigger targets and smash your KPI's regularly, transforming your company's bottom line and sending your sales career into the stratosphere.

Begin your career with a bang. Sign up Pareto Law's Sales Excellence training course.


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